The sale of Ray Bradbury’s house prompts a discourse on the connection between science-fiction and McMansionization. My essay for The Los Angeles Review of Books

Referring to the Kennedy Administration as ‘Camelot’ doesn’t do justice to the either the office or the man. Unpacking some political and literary mythology in The Guardian

Giving higher ratings to depictions of sex, rather than violence, has a strong historical precedent…and needs to be made history: The Guardian

Even as women lean in, they’re still being pushed back: The Guardian

Nestle and the unholy water alliance with Project Runway: Bitch

Heirloom vegetables have some truly wild names – and quirky backstories to match: Boston Globe

It’s 1968 on Mad Men, and the women are starting to break the old rules – and the glass ceiling: The Guardian

How the case of Kermit Gosnell emphasizes the need for properly funded reproductive health services for all women: The Guardian

Maybe the case of the kidnapped women in Cleveland would have gone differently if the police hadn’t employed a “good girl/bad girl” mentality in their investigations: Bitch Magazine.

Gay rights and women’s rights are closely linked – the two groups should have a stronger coalition to fight for progressive goals: The Guardian.

The anti-marriage equality crowd argues that marriage is traditionally about procreation. A little history as to how that’s so not true, and how marriage between two men is older than you think: Bitch Magazine.

MoMA includes video games in its new Applied Design exhibition – and not one is designed by a woman: Slate.

On the king and the play ‘Richard III’ and the power of political theatre in BOMB.

On ‘Clybourne Park’ and its significance in theatre history and current politics for Salon.

I was asked by the terrific Broadway Green Alliance to contribute this blog post on their behalf to the Innovative Theatre Foundation on the subject of “Greening Your Production”: You can be green and red-hot!

I was honored and thrilled to have my short story be chosen for the inaugural Liar’s League New York reading series. You can’t get the impact of Alexandra Gray’s reading, but you can read the text.

Delighted to have a short story in the fantastic Guernica Magazine: “All at Sea”

I’m honored to have a guest post on the excellent Women and Hollywood blog, in which I discuss the ongoing Leveson Inquiry in Britain: Sex, Lies, and Phone Hacking: British Tabloid Journalism on Trial

Novelist Allie Spencer and I respond to the news that Pippa Middleton has just been given £400,000 for her “concept of a book on planning perfect parties: Pippa’s Perfect Payout

An interview with me on My Bookish Ways, in which I talk about books, theatre, and England.

An article by me in The Guardian on the Hollywoodization of Hermione Granger.

‘The Taming of the Screw,’ in Guernica Magazine’s blog.