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Pre-order from your local independent bookshop or any of the following retailers:


Two intrepid women escape the American Red Scare for London, only to find that the long arm of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI still threatens their work and freedom, and their fight is far from over.

Nineteen-fifties America is bright and full of promise, and New Yorker Phoebe Adler is forging her way as the rarest of things: a female television writer. But fears of a growing Red Menace cloud the optimism, and a blacklist is created to cast out suspected communist sympathizers, smashing careers and ruining lives. When Phoebe finds herself caught in the hysteria's web, she flees to London.

Though work is precarious, Phoebe finds camaraderie with other Americans in exile, including the restless and ambitious television producer Hannah Wolfson. Determined to fight the injustices of the Red Scare, Hannah hires blacklisted writers at great risk to her career and company.

 But danger still looms in this supposed sanctuary. And when their families and friends--their very lives --are threatened, Phoebe and Hannah will have to make impossible choices.

Inspired by real people and events, RED LETTER DAYS will be published 25 February 2020.

“Stratford’s novel effortlessly walks the line between hilarious and harrowing in her account of the tribulations of the victims of the blacklist – all told from a perspective that is unique and refreshing. And I simply adored the heroines Phoebe and Hannah, crafted from Stratford’s meticulous research and fabulous imagination.”

--Fiona Davis, national bestselling author of The Chelsea Girls