When the world faces its darkest hour, hope lies in the hands of its darkest creatures…

A 2000-year-old vampire returns to his ancient homeland thirsting for vengeance and power…and finds love. The Moonlight Brigade, available August 2, 2011 from St. Martin’s Press.


“A seamless and engaging tale of alternate history. Stratford’s combination of history and the paranormal is what makes this series stand out in the crowded arena of vampire novels.”

FOUR STARS! “If you love a literary fantasy with a hint of Shelley or Stoker, you’ll love this WWII-set tale. Don’t expect kinder, gentler vampires; these are complex, well-characterized creatures. A refreshing series.”
—Romantic Times

“Fans of historical fiction and the vampire novels of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro should enjoy this dark period fantasy that combines war and romance flavored with the hunger for blood.”
—Library Journal

Grade: A! “A unique series, with a fascinating viewpoint of vampires, and how they perceive the humans they must use to sustain their lives. I loved the history of Mors, as I did Brigit’s in the previous book. I’m a big fan of this series, and already impatient for the next installment.”
—Deadly Pleasures

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